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How To Clean Disk Space and Free Disk Drive!

Free Disk Space on Computer
The most Important aspect of High Speed Computers is large Disk Space! The more space you have, the more faster your computer will be. You can improve computer's by making sure your System drive gets ample space to operate its commands and functions.Now you can Free up Disk space and Clean your Cache to make your computer snappier than ever before.

After a decent usage of the computer, your Operating System tends to make a lot of temporary files to speed up all major programs and processes but after sometime these temporary files turn into junk files and start interrupting your system data! This is the time when you need to trim out all these junks and thus free valuable space!

Now you must be wondering how to recognize the temporary files and the "important" system files! Its easy, Just search in the correct folders and you have the answer ;) We would be telling you How to delete Junk files from your Computer to increase free space and improve overall performance of your computer. The steps may vary a little bit on different Operating systems but the main idea is to remove Thrash. Follow the steps mentioned below atleast Once a Week!

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is the First Place on your computer where you can be damn sure about finding thrash! You might never realize how much junk your Recycle bin always contains. This space is mostly consumed from the System drive (Mostly the C: ) You just need to clean this Stuff every time you see it fill and you would save your disk. Just Right click on the Recycle Bin icon and click "Empty Recycle Bin" and that's all!

 Recent Files

Our dear Computer always wanna make things better and easier for us but in this process, it tends to make duplicate copies of files to make sure we can access them quick. The worst part of this story is that we never even use these files and it just starts accumulating on the drive. You have to manually delete those files from the disk.
  • Start "RUN"
  • Type "Recent"
  • Hit Enter
  • Delete all files 

Temporary Files

I don't think I might need to explain much since the name says it all. The temporary files made during the execution of programs is stored here and can be easily and safely deleted once the program is closed. However our computer forgets to delete them and then we get the lags that we always hate. You might get Temporary files more than one gb if you have been extensively working on your Pc and never cleaning it ;)
  • Start "RUN"
  • Type "temp"
  • Hit Enter
  • Delete All files (You might find some undeleteable ones. Just ignore them)
  • Again Start "RUN"
  • Type "%TEMP%"
  • Delete all Files (Skip those files that cannot be deleted)

 Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is the Default system Junk cleaner provided by Windows on most of the operating systems. Using Disk Cleanup you can delete even those files that remain after deleting the temporary and the recycle bin. Disk Cleanup can help you remove the junk added to the system while browsing the internet, viewing images and much more.
  • Start "RUN"
  • Hit "CLEANMGR"
  • Hit Enter
  • Select the Drive
  • Follow the Instructions

 CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner is said to be the best free alternative to Disk Cleanup. Its available at Filehippo for free and you can easily install this Software on your device and start removing broken shortcuts, invalid files and even remove unused registry values. This can have an actual dramatic effect on your computer!

From The Writer's Desk-

These are just some of the best Quick tips to make free space on your important drive. Executing these commands on your computer wont take more than 5 minutes but will surely improvise your experience with your computer. Make sure you repeat these steps every week or more often as the more space that you have, the faster and better computer you have ;)
Let us know if you have any other Quick Tip :)

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