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How to change boot animation [ANDROID ]

Our smartphones come pre-installed with a manufacturer specific boot animation. These boot animation change with the manufacturer and carrier. If you are bored of seeing the same boot animation on your Android phone, then we have brought a trick with which you can change your boot animation extremely easily.Just a few tweaks and you can personalize your boot animation and even enjoy a new boot animation every time you reboot your phone. However, making any changes in your system requires you to root your smartphone and in some cases might even require a custom ROM.

Let's first understand,

What is 'boot animation 

          Well, boot animation is actually the small video-type animation that you can see on your phone when you switch it on or reboot your phone. This animation varies with different phones depending upon factors such as manufacturers, android version.
          There comes a time when you get fed up looking at the same boot screen on your phone for years. But now, you can change the booting video of your phone, once you have root permissions. You don't need to be a nerd to do so. Even a noob, with no knowledge at all can also changed the boot animation.
There are various ways of changing boot animation. You can choose from a large collection of animations.

Rom Toolbox-

Rom toolbox is one of the best apps to personalize your smartphone. You can modify build.prop files, manage your apps, remove ads from applications, control CPU, manage tasks, boost your sd card, change fonts and many more.
You just need to install Rom Toolbox, go to Interface. Select Boot Animation and select any boot animation from a large collection. However, you need root permissions to make any modifications in the system.
n ROM specifications and much more.

D4 Boot animation Modifier-

D4 boot animation modifier is totally dedicated for changing Boot video. You need to download boot files from internet and copy it to your sd card. D4 Boot modifier is an app available on XDA Forum. It can easily change your boot animation.

From Writer's desk-

Changing Boot animations can be fun but make sure you make a proper nandroid backup before performing any modifications in the system conditions. This will help you to revert back to your old, working system in case anything goes wrong.

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