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How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows PC

Hide Files and Folders in Windows PC
Wow, we just wish we could hide some files from preying eyes. I am sure everyone has their own private files that you wouldn't wanna share with others. Well, in that case, you can just hide your files :)
Today we are sharing the easiest way to hide your files. You don't need any third party software that will hurt your memory or eat up your storage.

There was a time when I myself used this technique to hide my files from my cousins. I know how important privacy is :P
You don't need to install any software on your computer or get included into tough coding. You just need to make a few changes in the properties of your files. You can also hide complete folders too!!


  1.  Right click on the file or folder that you want to hide.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. At the bottom click on "Hidden" and apply.
  4. You might see a small pop-up, Make your selection and click OK.
  5.  Your Files are successfully hidden!


Once you have hidden your files, you wont be able to see them normally. You will have to enable viewing hidden files. Just follow the below steps :)
  1. Open Windows Explorer or My computer.
  2. In the Top Menu bar, look for "Folders and Search Options"
  3. Go to "View" tab.
  4. Select "View Hidden Files" and then press OK
  5.  Now you can view the hidden files and folders.

File Properties

Hide Files and Folders

Show Hidden Files
This method is a great way to protect you important data. Although there are many more bright ways with which you can lock your files with passwords. We will soon be sharing them as well ;)
Please let us know if you find any problem..

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