Monday, 25 March 2013


CAR FANATIKS android app car loversSo are you a great fan of latest automobiles? Love cars? Well, we have just come across an app that will fulfill all your desires! The best android app for cars.Car Fanatics is the perfect app for car lovers as it connects you with all people worldwide and lets you share your car with the world!
Car Fantiks is just like Instagram. It lets you stay connected with your friends, see what they are sharing, like their pictures and much more..
Though in development mode, it has got quite many features. We can expect a lot from this little app. You can follow your favorite car makers and get their latest news via social feeds..
You just need to download the app from playstore and install it. That's it :)

Share your knowledge with the world and Show it off! Download Car Fanatiks from its official play store link..
Tell us about your experience with it ;)

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Kushal Mehta is a Car Enthusiastic. Writes on Cars and Bikes. Speed is his passion And Music his Hobby. Writes when busy and enjoys music when free ;)

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  1. Nice app! I'm definitely a fan of exotics like some of the cars posted in the screenshots you provided. I'll give this app a try =)

    1. Yeah sure! Glad you liked our post :)

  2. I use Tag My Ride app, that one is really cool, you should try it


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